Community to Elect TC Clements

Legacy by Arthur Hills Golf Club, 7677 US 223, Ottawa Lake

Shotgun at 9am. $600/foursome, $250-$1000/sponsor. RSVP at 248-396-0973

Posthumus Majority Fund

Scott Lake Golf & Practice Center 911 Hayes Rd NE, Comstock Park

9am Shotgun. $150/person, $600/foursome, $200-$1500/sponsor. RSVP at 248-396-0973 or 231-883-9269

John Damoose for State Senate

Bay Harbor Golf Club, 5800 Coastal Ridge Dr, Bay Harbor

1:10pm first tee time. $250/person, $1000/foursome. RSVP at 318-613-3758

Daylen Howard for Senate

2570 Hibbard Rd, Corunna

$25/person, $50/family, $100-$500/sponsor. RSVP at 248-396-0973

Alex Garza for State Representative

Salute Taverna, 22615 Goddard Rd, Taylor

$50/person, $100-$1050/sponsor. RSVP at

Stephanie Chang for Senate w/Sen Wojno

Michigan Council of Carpenters & Millwrights, 23401 Mound Road, Warren

$50/person, $100-$1000/sponsor. RSVP at

CTE Rachel Hood

2841 Reeds Lake Blvd SE, East Grand Rapids

$150/couple, $250-$1000/sponsor. RSVP at

CTE Mike Harris

One Night Stan's Comedy Club, 4761 Highland Rd, Waterford

Doors open at 5:30pm-show at 7pm. $60/person, $100/couple, $200/sponsor. RSVP at

Morse Force Leadership Fund (Morse)

Texas Township Farmers Market, 7110 W. Q Ave, Kalamazoo

$250/person, $500-$1050/sponsor. RSVP at

Friends of Joey Andrews IV

The Livery, 190 5th St, Benton Harbor

$25/person, $50-$1050/sponsor. RSVP at

Moss PAC

21031 Eastfarm Lane Ct, Farmington Hills

$25/person, $50-$500/sponsor . RSVP at