Frank Foster

As lobbyists and as professional advocates, we are salespeople. We sell ideas. Ideas are challenging because they’re intangible. You can’t touch an idea, you can’t see an idea; but even though it’s intangible, an idea can change a community, or a state, or a nation. Or it can change the world. No one is as effective at selling the intangible as Frank Foster.

Frank was elected to two terms in the Michigan House of Representatives in 2010 and 2012, representing a large portion of northern Michigan. He quickly became one of the most dynamic, young leaders the Michigan Legislature has ever seen. During his first term, Frank was named Chair of the House Committee on Natural Resources, Tourism, and Outdoor Recreation – becoming the youngest committee chair in Michigan history.

In his second term, Frank chaired the House Commerce Committee, providing an opportunity to work through a plethora of diverse issues. This experience, together with his service on the House Tax Policy, Health Policy, Michigan Competitiveness, and Financial Services committees, makes Frank an asset in any policy debate. He excels at selling ideas because he knows the policies that will make the most appropriate seedbeds for those ideas.

A graduate of Grand Valley State University, Frank now lives in East Lansing. He is a member of the Michigan Talent and Investment Board and the State of Michigan YMCA Board.