Tyrone Sanders, Jr.

Tyrone Sanders knows that the essential components of a successful lobbying campaign are put into motion well before his feet hit the pavement leading to the State Capitol Building or his hand reaches for the doors to that august rotunda. Intelligence gathering, strategic planning, and goal setting are but a few of the key elements Tyrone marshals to meet his client’s goals and objectives.

Over a distinguished 24-year political career, Tyrone has amassed an impressive record of success on behalf of PAA clients. He has an impeccable reputation, is a visionary leader, and a respected tactician. Tyrone’s political acumen and relentless drive make the execution of complex legislative or regulatory strategies seem easy to the casual observer who doesn’t see the investment of time and energy Tyrone devotes to every issue and every client.

The depth of Tyrone’s knowledge and experience regarding the inner-workings of Michigan’s governmental arena is significant. Time and time again he delivers desired results on a myriad of complex and polarizing issues. Tyrone’s education and professional pursuits are the keys to his success. Tyrone is a licensed, practicing attorney, a United States Army Reservist, a Legislative Aide in the Michigan State Senate, and a senior executive with AT&T, Michigan.

Tyrone is a native of Detroit, MI, joining PAA in 2004. Currently, Tyrone and his wife Tanisha reside in Williamston with their three wonderful children, Lauryn, Bryce, and Ayden. In his free time, Tyrone does pro bono legal work and contributes to his community by actively participating in many worthwhile business, civic, and social organizations.