We empower you to

Effect Real Change

We specialize in

Direct Advocacy, Public Policy and Issues Management

It’s what we do – and we set the bar for everyone else. Our comprehensive approach to direct advocacy and public policy and issues management is thorough, focused, and effective.

Our Strategic Services

Issues Management and Strategy Development

Matter in motion remains in motion unless acted on by an outside force. We put your ‘matter’ in motion and keep it moving forward by anticipating obstacles and working to reduce or nullify their impact. We are proactive, ‘two-step ahead’ thinkers.

Direct Advocacy Lobbying

We enjoy comprehensive and respected relationships with the people involved in every facet of government, including legislators, executives, committee chairs, administrators, and the Governor’s office – the gate keepers and policy shapers in the house, the senate and the executive branch.

Intelligence and Research

Research ensures that our clients and policy makers are in synch on the issues. Information is key. It guides us in writing effective legislation, developing fact sheets, and designing any materials that will inform and persuade pivotal legislators, civic leaders, the media, and core constituencies.

Grassroots Lobbying

The people’s voice is a powerful influence on public policy and legislation. When you need that voice, we help you reach out to the electorate with well-designed and expertly coordinated campaigns that build consensus and promote action. And we have a five-decade history of success for our clients in local, state, and national issues.

Direct Advocacy Lobbying Coalition Development and Management

Today, more voices than ever are appealing to policy makers. A coalition of common interests can amplify your voice and ensure that you are heard. We build and manage coalitions as an essential element of legislative strategy when there is a need to effect change in public policy.

Political Consultation

Industries that have a substantial executive and legislative presence maintain and utilize a Political Action Committee (PAC) to great advantage. We advise our clients on how to create, operate, and maintain PAC’s. We know the laws and regulations covering all facets of PAC’s and we can make sure you are in compliance with them. And we assist with fundraising, filings, and the changing regulatory climate to ensure that your PAC is effective and on track.

Crisis Management

When a crisis occurs, time is critical. Your response must be prompt and effective. Today, social media can take a crisis viral in short order and the damage to your reputation can be substantial on a scale far greater than ever before.

Issues Tracking and Monitoring

Our broad, in depth knowledge of current and evolving state and federal issues enables PAA to provide a monitoring service to track industry matters and trends that affect our clients. By delivering immediate, precise, and accurate information, we help clients make informed and strategic decisions that will benefit their situation and help secure their interests.


Integrity is one of the hallmarks of PAA. While we’re passionate about our clients’ success, we never waver from the highest ethical and legal standards. We have dedicated staff who ensure that all our actions and dealings are above board and beyond reproach. And we monitor and safeguard our clients’ reputations as stringent as we do our own.