Bill Wörtz

Bill Wörtz is one of Lansing’s most intelligent and politically savvy public policy advocates. If there’s a battle to be fought outside of the House or Senate Chamber, there isn’t an operative in town you’d rather have at your side.

Bill joined PAA in 1996 and has been one of the firm’s two managing partners since 2014.

Beyond Bill’s proficiency in energy policy, healthcare policy, and a multitude of other issues, he is without question among the state’s leading experts in education reform. Bill has been at the forefront of every education reform initiative for the past 20 years. His solid grasp of every aspect of the issues he advocates is a true advantage to all PAA clients. A member of the National Institute for Lobbying & Ethics, Bill is an advocate for transparent lobbying practices and sunshine on the political system. It is his belief that to restore faith in the American political system everyone needs to “play their cards above the table.”

A self-proclaimed athlete, part-time foodie. Bill hates politics but loves discourse.

A Flint native, Bill now lives in Okemos with his family. His wife, Lori, is a founding partner of a leading political, campaign, and media consulting firm. Together, they have four children, Gwyneth, Caleb, Reagan, and Eliza. Bill and Lori spend their time in the stands of their kids’ sporting events or enjoying family time on the shores of Lake Michigan.